Pointons would like to personally thank you for your patience and loyalty through what has been our busiest Audit Season ever!

Why has it been so busy?

As you may know, between February to May each year Pointons perform financial audits at public schools all over South Australia on behalf of the Department for Education. In December 2018 we unexpectedly acquired an additional district which essentially doubled our workload, with the finalisation deadline remaining at 30th May 2019!

These audits take us all over the state, from as far North as Oodnadatta, to the Gawler & Barossa region and down South as far as Seaford. This encompasses an impressive 170+ audits in under 4 months!

While it has been an immense undertaking, which we were not quite prepared for due to the short notice regarding the extra schools, we have successfully navigated the waters and made it out in one piece! We offer sincere thanks for your patience, understanding and confidence in us.

We would like to assure you that we are in better shape than ever and are anticipating a much less disruptive Audit Season in 2020 as we now have the time to be able to plan, prepare, staff and train to meet our extra 2020 year commitments.

A huge thank you from the Pointons Team for your continued patronage!